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WuduMate Pillar Tap 180

The WuduMate Pillar Tap is designed to be paired with the WuduMate-C and WuduMate-R, and used with a pre-mixed water supply. The quarter-turn on/off mechanism is located on the spout, providing an easy to use and comfortable to access control mechanism. There are two configuration options: the WuduMate Pillar Tap 180 and WuduMate Pillar Tap 120. Please see below for further details.

  • Spout positioned in the most comfortable position for user.
  • Spout angle is vertically downwards, meaning the position of the water landing on the WuduMate is unaffected by water pressure.

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WuduMate Pillar Tap 120

  • Spout positioned in the most comfortable position for user.
  • Under normal water pressure, the angle of the spout is designed todirect water to the correct position on the WuduMate to avoid splashing. This can be affected if water pressure is unusually high or low.

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WuduMate Lever Pillar Tap

Designed to offer the same robust functionality of the WuduMate Pillar Tap, the WuduMate Lever Pillar Tap is intended for WuduMate installations in residential locations. The lever near the base of the tap controls both the temperature and flow of water, providing comfortable wudu water for home users.

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WuduMate-M Wall-Mount Tap

A functional and stylish tap designed to complement the unit that lends it its name, the WuduMate-M Tap acts as a primary fixing for securing the WuduMate-M unit in place and also provides a useful handle for users who wish to steady themselves whilst performing wudu. This tap comes as standard with every WuduMate-M order. Please contact us if you wish to purchase this in isolation.

Suitable for the following products:


WuduMate Automatic Sensor Tap (Inta IR121CP)

Designed to provide fuss-free operation for wudu facilities in environments such as hospitals where sanitation is paramount.

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Technical Documentation

Please see below for technical documents relating to the above WuduMate taps and TMV3 accessories.