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The Compact, Comfortable Wudu Sink.

Muslim bathrooms can be transformed into personal wudu khanas with this unique purpose-designed wudu sink for the home. The WuduMate-R is a safe and comfortable appliance in which to perform Muslim washing in a range of environments, from home bathrooms to multi-faith rooms in the workplace, including schools, colleges, and healthcare environments such as hospitals and hospices.

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WuduMate-R-Wudu Sink

Integrated Seat

Configured with a compact, integrated seat, enabling installation where space is limited yet still providing a comfortable wudu position for people of all heights and sizes

Matching Finish

Manufactured in white porcelain to match other existing appliances

Easy Clean

High-quality porcelain finish facilitates cleaning


When not being used for wudu, the WuduMate-R can be used as a seat


The WuduMate-R has a similar ‘footprint’ to a bidet; it can fit discreetly into a bathroom or other location in the home as an alternative to a bidet

Easy Install

The WuduMate-R has similar fixings to a bidet, so it can easily be installed to replace a bidet

Saving Space with Grace.

The WuduMate-R is a compact and discreet wudu facility designed for the home or where space is limited. The WuduMate-R’s ergonomic stool can be positioned to accommodate both short and tall, and stored neatly over the WuduMate when not in use. Interested? Find out more >

Hygienic, Polished Porcelain.

Manufactured in high-quality white porcelain, the WuduMate-R’s simple, sculpted form is easy to keep clean and can complement other existing porcelain bathroom and sanitary furniture.



Make Wudu at Home.

For those who prefer to perform wudu at home, whose local mosque perhaps doesn’t have a suitable wudu place for women and children, or who want to avoid queues at the mosque that may cause them to miss salat, the WuduMate-R is the ideal solution for Muslim ritual washing before prayer at home.

Find out more about the WuduMate-R >

Teach and Learn Islam at Home.

Having a purpose built wudu sink in the home could help demonstrate to a young family one of the fundamentals of how to be Muslim: teaching them the wudu steps at home with the WuduMate-R.


WuduMate. For Everyone.

If a prayer room design or wudu khana needs to accommodate elderly or disabled family members, the WuduMate-R wudu sink may be the answer. The WuduMate-R is easily used by those in wheelchairs or with limited mobility.

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