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Modular Design for the Mosque Wudu Khana.

Mosque architects and committees want a masjid’s ablution area to work for everyone during prayer times. The WuduMate-M is a cleverly designed modular wudu khana station, accommodating a combination of standing, seated and, if required, wheelchair-based users. The innovative WuduMate-M design means an ablution area can be both functionally and visually refreshing; suitable for high usage at busy prayer times. Its ease of cleaning and low maintenance reduces the whole life cost of ownership.

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WuduMate-M Modular Wudu Khana Station

Seated or Standing

Traditional position for seated wudu combined with option standing position


Individual units neatly join together to provide one, completely sealed unit with as many ablution positions as required


Manufactured to provide high-quality acrylic finish


Individual drainage increases hygiene


Pre-fabricated components minimise contractor skills required during construction


Efficient use of water


One Product. Multiple Possibilities.

Recognising that some customers might be retrofitting an existing wudu room, whilst others building from scratch, we designed the WuduMate-M to be installed in a number of ways. The WuduMate-M can be installed on a flat surface, requiring a small step up, and only minimum sub-floor excavation to access a suitable drain, ideal for upstairs locations.

Alternatively, the WuduMate-M can be installed within the slab to finish flush with the level of the floor. If required the WuduMate-M can be installed for temporary use, and moved to another location at a later stage in situations where a mosque or prayer room is undergoing extensive renovation or extension. Likewise, the WuduMate-M’s multi-positionable seats can be located in a forward position for a child’s use or moved to the rear of the unit for use by adults.

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High-Quality, Hygienic Construction.

Manufactured in high-quality sanitary grade acrylic, the WuduMate-M is easy to keep clean, easy to maintain, and can still look good after years of use. Its brilliant white finish can be maintained by using normal household detergents, with an additional benefit of showing that cleaning is required when the acrylic loses its inherent ‘sparkle’. The WuduMate-M is comprehensively reinforced to provide a light, yet extremely robust structure, with the seating area supported by a steel frame to transfer user weight directly to the floor, rather than onto the unit itself. The avoidance of grout reduces maintenance, facilitates the reduction of bacteria and, in the long term, extends the life of an ablution area. Learn more about the WuduMate-M’s construction >

Accessible Wudu.

The WuduMate-M is ideally suited for mosque wudu khanas and other high-usage Muslim prayer rooms including municipal buildings, schools and hospitals. Should any of these locations require wudu facilities for disabled users, the WuduMate-M can be configured without a seat, making washing before prayer for wheelchair-based users safe and comfortable. Download our best practice guide >


Make Wudu Right. Every Time.

The shape of the WuduMate-M, combined with the location of the spout and the angle of fall of the water, is designed to provide both a comfortable position for wudu and to avoid splashing of grey water onto the body or clothes of the user. The WuduMate range of ablution taps have been designed together with each WuduMate model, specifically to minimise splashing and provide the most comfortable ergonomic position for wudu. Learn more about the WuduMate taps >

Minimise Contractor Skill.

Each WuduMate-M is delivered in its own box ready for assembly and installation. The pre-fabricated, high-quality components supplied as part of the WuduMate-M package, are designed for assembly by reasonably competent tradespersons, and requiring no specialist skills. Download the WuduMate-M installation instructions >



Easily Specify and Design Mosque Ablution Areas.

The WuduMate-M can be configured to suit most mosque wash areas, and the in-house WuduMate design team can offer advice and assistance in determining the most appropriate designs for your project. This unique wudu station can be retrofitted into existing wudu khanas with numerous possibilities, or utilised in new builds.

See the WuduMate-M specification data >

Individual Waste and Trap.

Each WuduMate-M wudu station has an individual waste and trap as would be associated with any truly modern wudu khana, helping to conform to building regulations and reducing unpleasant odours. An optional, integrated soap dispenser is also available for specification