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WuduMate-C Technical Drawing



Installation Overview

  • Mark the location of the fixing brackets on the outside edge of the WuduMate-C with a removable pen or pencil
  • Remove the protective trim from bottom edge of unit, and place the WuduMate-C on the floor into its intended final position (ensure the open back of the unit is positioned against the wall)
  • Mark the position of the WuduMate-C on the floor and wall, together with the locations of the fixing brackets, as indicated by the marks you have made on the outside of the WuduMate-C
  • Remove the WuduMate-C and measure the distance of the fixing brackets from:
    • the outside of the unit
    • the cut outs on back fixing bar
    • the “hole centre” in back fixing
  • Transcribe these measurements onto the wall and floor
  • Drill and fix supplied fixings into the wall and floor with suitable wall and floor fixings
  • Install tap and water supply according to the manufacturer’s fixing instructions
  • Install waste and trap in the WuduMate-C as per the manufacturer’s instructions and connect to mains drainage system
  • Lift the WuduMate-C to a horizontal position, push against the wall to locate wall fixings onto the bracket on the wall end of the WuduMate-C, and lower gently to locate floor fixing firmly on the floor
  • Seal all around the WuduMate-C using silicone sealant to hold in position against the floor and wall
  • Polish with a soft cloth

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Specify It


WuduMate-C Technical Configuration Options

WuduMate-C Pillar

  • WuduMate-C
  • WuduMate Pillar Tap
  • Waste
  • TMV3
  • Fixings

WuduMate-C Auto

  • WuduMate-C
  • WuduMate Auto Sensor Tap
  • Waste
  • TMV3
  • Fixings

WuduMate-C Disabled

  • WuduMate-C
  • WuduMate Auto Sensor Tap
  • Waste
  • TMV3
  • 120 degree wall-hung grab rail and 90 degree wall to floor grab rail or drop down (depending on available fixings)
  • Fixings









Testing / Certification

WuduMate-C has been tested to loads of over 3000kg