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Wudu or Wudhu, What Do You Say?

Wudu or  wudhu? We’ve heard abdest, wazu, wuzu recently, and then some people simply call it ablution. But it largely means the same thing – give or take some interpretations of method – the ritual purification of the face, hands and feet prior to salat, or um… salah.

A while back, we tried asking our followers on Twitter whether there was a definite stance on how it should be spelt or pronounced, but there were few definitive answers. We can say one thing, though: it would appear that ‘wudhu” is in far more common usage than its shorter, more straightforward sibling “wudu”. The BBC, under its religion and ethics section, spells the ritual as “wudhu”, but then again, the more internationally-focussed Wikipedia lists its article entry under “wudu”. Though it does list the variant spellings at the beginning of the article. Interestingly, here it says that “wudhu” relates to the Indonesian language.

So perhaps this has something to do with the stressed “hoo” sound one occasionally hears when pronounced? We can’t say for sure. One commenter over at has suggested that the “dh”, and by extension, “hoo” sound is replaced by Urdu-speaking Pakistanis with a “zh” sound. Well at least we’ve cleared that up now…

Now here’s something to ponder: are products like the WuduMate beginning to normalise the spelling in English-speaking countries?

Get in touch on Twitter and let us know.


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New Projects. New Prayer Room Ideas

We’ve updated the project gallery with a host of new projects, offering prayer room ideas for all manner of environments, including investment banks and hospitals.

These prayer room ideas should be perfect inspiration for mosque architects or those just kicking off their project to implement a prayer room design and wudu ablution facility in their office or school.

A particular favourite of ours was to see the great work that the multi-faith chaplaincy team has completed in Gatwick Airport’s South Terminal. The ease of the WuduMate-C’s installation clearly allowed time for a dedicated and attentive tiler to finish the room to an incredibly high standard. Kudos to all involved.


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Diversity Matters – Update

Today we have launched the sixth version of Diversity Matters, our guide to best practice multi-faith room design.

Aimed at employers, property managers, architects and designers, Diversity Matters is a useful guide to the process of implementing prayer and multi-faith facilities in all manner of workplaces.

Already downloaded by many of the AJ100 architecture firms in the United Kingdom, the guide has recently been requested by institutions in countries including Canada, Mauritius and Saudi Arabia.

Covering everything from prayer room design and location to the installation of specialist Muslim washing units, Diversity Matters is an indispensable guide for all those involved in prayer room design and management.

Click here to download Diversity Matters.

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New Projects

Following the launch of our new website back in June, we are now beginning to build up a comprehensive project gallery.

If there’s a project where a WuduMate has been installed and it’s not yet listed, please get in touch. We may be working on it, or we might even not know about it! Either way, we always like hearing from our many happy customers.

At the time of writing, we have the following projects uploaded:

Markaz-ul-Uloom Al-Islamia Rotherham
St Albans Academy Birmingham
University of New South Wales Sydney
Golden Mosque Rochdale
Park View School Birmingham

You can visit the gallery here.

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Gatwick Airport Prayer Room Design Incorporates WuduMate-C

The Gatwick Airport Chaplaincy has chosen to include the robust and stylish WuduMate-C in its multi-faith prayer room design.

The benefits of the WuduMate-C are already well-documented (LINK), and the decision to specify Specialist Washing Co.’s commercial wudu washer is further testament to its design. This is especially true in a prayer room catering for the airport’s more than 34 million annual passengers.

The WuduMate-C’s role in the Gatwick Airport Chaplaincy is discussed in this case study. (LINK)


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Ramadan WuduMate Discounts

Ramadan Kareem!

To celebrate Ramadan 2013, we’re offering a 15% WuduMate discount voucher code to all our Twitter followers. The voucher code is valid against the purchase price of any single WuduMate-R or WuduMate-C product in the UK. If you’re not already, simply follow us on Twitter and we’ll DM you with a unique voucher code for you to quote when completing your transaction with us.

Don’t forget, you can use the WuduMate discount code on our Faridah by WuduMate range products too!

Visit to view the WuduMate product range today.

Call or email us now to place your order.

The WuduMate voucher code is eligible against a single transaction for a single customer. This offer is only valid for members of the public and can not be used in conjunction with multiple product orders or by contractors.

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Ramadan Charity and Fundraising – Our Top Five Tips!

Happy Ramadan everybody.

In this, the holy month of Ramadan, a time of giving in the Muslim world, we thought it a good idea to kick off the SpecBlog with an article about fundraising ideas.

Your Ramadan schedule will no doubt already be busy, but making room for charity is especially important during the month.

Charity in Ramadan can mean many things to many people, but sticking to what we know best, we thought we’d provide our top five ideas for mosque renovation fundraising:
Make Something to be Sold
We’ve all got a talent, and those creatives among us can bake cupcakes, make cards or even design some Henna. Why don’t you have a think just what you can give to your community this Ramadan and set up a stall at the mosque. All the proceeds can go in your mosque’s charity box.
Sell Your Time for a Donation
Use your Ramadan fasting time after work to help you community. It’s summer, so you could do some gardening for a neighbour or cut the grass. Perhaps you can wash the family car if we don’t get a hosepipe ban! Your time is precious, and plenty of people would donate to a good cause for it.
Hold a Movie Night
Speak to your Imam about opening up a room in the mosque for a movie night during Ramadan. You choose the films and charge an entry fee for each attendee. Plus, all that lovely Ramadan food is much less noisy than the usual crunchy popcorn and slurpy fizzy drink straws!
Get Sponsored
Are you the chatterbox of the group? Have you always thought about doing a long bike ride or walk? It’s the month of giving, so get rewarded for all your hard work and do […]

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